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PLOINK Kamerat is a club within the club where you can secure your PLOINK releases up front. Its like a subscription, just sexier.

PLOINK KAMERAT VINYL is for you who share our love of the black magic that is The Vinyl. It is healthy.

It includes the all the vinyl releases in 2017, as well as even all the digital .wav files for each release.

Releases in 2017: PL016NK (2xLP) March 6th, PL017NK April 18th, PL018NK (2xEP) late May, PL019NK late August, PL020NK mid October, PL021NK early December.

And to really sweeten the deal we’ll throw in the super exclusive, nice & perfectly nerdy PLOINK KAMERAT plastic card with with your name & photo printed! If you’re on Facebook, you’ll be invited to the closed PLOINK KAMERAT group where stuff happens that is unknown to those not in the group. Yes, also nerdy.

And hey, during summer we tend to get restless and sometimes even throw up a party somewhere in the mountains. Guess who we give directions to.

Hell yes!

More? Probably.


NOTE: When ordering this package you have to select how often you want to receive the releases: either every two months (on date of release), every six months, or once a year.
If you need to have the releases shipped, the price of will depend on the preferred number of shipments per year. Vinyl shipments every 2 months will run you 500 NOK for one year, shipments every 6 months will amount to 300 NOK, and if you decide to wait til December 2016 to receive this year’s releases in one – the price is 200,-
If you go for local pickup as the shipping option of choice we will arrange a meeting to hand over the goods. This is of course free of charge.



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