PLOINK PRINTS: Of Norway, Thomas Urv etc


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Poster print w/Of Norway, Thomas Urv etc.

Read about the night here.

We’ve been asked again and again about making our old posters available for sale..
So, by popular demand.. Here they are.
Or they will be, as it takes forever to find each poster, take the pictures, post them here etc..:)

Strictly limited to 5 each – some of them are very rare…

It takes us some time to digg them out from archives, packing etc so we cant afford to give them away for free, even though we’d love to.

They’re all in nearly mint condition, printed on quality paper and usually either 50x70cm or 50x100cm. This varies somewhat though. Ask us pr email: post at ploink dot no for any questions reg size etc. Or if theres any you miss here (check out nights for all posters) and want to get your hands on faster then we get to post them…